Check Engine Light Salem OR

The Check Engine Light Is On.

“Oh no…”

Check Engine Light Salem OR

What could the Check Engine Light mean this time? Good question. Sometimes Check Engine Lights appear as quickly as you turn the ignition, only to disappear as soon as you put the car in D. Other times, you could be commuting on the highway when suddenly, the light turns on for seemingly no reason. If your Check Engine Light is on, your car is trying to tell you something: it could be a minor fix or a major repair in your near future. At Certified Automotive Repair, we do everything from diesel servicing, tune-ups, and timing belt inspections, as well as Check Engine Lights for Salem, Oregon drivers on a regular basis.

Our highly trained and experienced mechanics troubleshoot Check Engine Lights on a regular basis.

Troubleshooting Your Check Engine Light

When you take your car or diesel truck into Certified Automotive Repair, you’re going to get the best in customer care and auto maintenance, guaranteed. Our ASE-certified mechanics work quickly to troubleshoot the reason for your Check Engine Light, and come up with the necessary repairs to save you the most money possible.

  • Reading diagnostic trouble codes
  • Checking your vehicle information and mileage
  • Analyze the data from our code reader

What’s Causing My Check Engine Light?

Check Engine Lights can mean anything from a loose gas cap to a major repair to your engine. You won’t know what’s wrong until you bring in your car to a professional at Certified Automotive Repair. Here are some of the most common explanations for a Check Engine Light:

  • Replace your oxygen sensor: If your oxygen sensor isn’t working correctly, it could reduce your fuel economy.
  • Replace or tighten your gas cap: Sometimes, a missing or loosened gas cap is all you need to turn off your Check Engine Light.
  • Replace your catalytic converter: You need a functioning catalytic converter to pass emissions tests.
  • Replace your Mass Airflow Sensor: Could cause damage to your spark plugs
  • Replace your spark plugs or wiring: Reduced power or fuel economy, damage to ignition coils

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